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Classical Guitars by Peter Oberg



After over twenty years of building classical guitars I have decided to stop taking custom orders
for instruments and only build the occasional guitar on specualtion. This will allow me to devote
much more time to playing and composing for the guitar.

If you are interested in knowing when one of these guitars becomes available please let me know.

I would like to thank all of the musicians who came to me to build an instrument for them. I very much
appreciate the level of trust and commitment required to realize the creation of these wonderful vehicles
of expression, and hope my instruments continue to provide inspiration and beautiful music.


The classical guitar is an instrument of infinite beauty, capable of stirring the strongest emotions with its complex palate of colors and textures. It must be capable of responding to the player's demands, and breathe life into the music being played. Every subtlety of tone must be available, as well as power and depth to the overall sound.

Ease of playing is also paramount to the success of an instrument. Lastly it should be beautiful to behold, refined in its balance and aesthetics. With all of these criteria in place, the musician can become one with his guitar, his ideas and sensibilities speaking through its voice with both ease and accuracy.

Working closely with the client, it is my job as a luthier to build the instrument described above. I hope you will peruse this site, visit the gallery and the workshop, and listen to sound clips of my instruments. I am available by telephone or email, so don't hesitate to contact me to discuss your questions or requirements.

Port Orford Cedar and Red Cedar
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Interview in Guitarbench Magazine (8/2013)

Brazilian Rosewood and German Spruce

Madagascar Rosewood and Bear-Claw Cedar (#120XP3)

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